Monday, November 12, 2007

Critic On Zephyrus

I didn't think that this month's edition of Zephyrus was very intresting, and I didn't really enjoy reading some of the stories. Many of the storie's titles didn't provoke me to want to read it, they were not catchy enough. However, I did like the letter to the editor and the response back because it was about a previous article written in last months edition that had lots of students talking. I also wish Zephyrus would have put the answers to the EHS men on the back page of the paper even though it was meant as a joke to say that the answers were found on the back page since it made students curious. They also did a good job with proximity such as in the story, "lend a hand this Thanksgiving..., since it has to do with food shelves and Edina residents. I didn't really think that the headline story above the fold, "MNDOT introduces the initial design for new I-35W Bridge, was a good choice for the front page. It would have been better to put something that focused more on something really intresting happening in the current month. The story about Briney Spears, "Britney spears' tragic downfall: Will she ever come back", was not really timeleness because it's kind of older news about her and the media has been talking about it for a while now. This wasn't the best edition of Zewhpyrus, it just didn't have very intresting stories I thought.

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Mr. Hatten said...

First, watch your spelling and punctuation in your posts. You analysis needs to be more in-depth with specific examples from the articles and criticism based on what we've learned in class. I want to know why you didn't think the MNDOT article should have been on the front page based on the elements of news, for instance.