Sunday, September 9, 2007


This past summer at Courtney Baseball Fields by Braemar Arena in Edina, the new and improved concession stand opened. Many families, players and fans were happier about this because the old concession stands were too small for the number of fields and people that attended games. The concessions used to be dirtier and smokier from the outside grills, but now they have it better regulated so that the smoke is no longer blowing onto the fields during games. The new bathrooms are now much cleaner and bigger then the previous ones and are also air conditioned. There is also a bigger selection of food and beverages on the menu, and more serving windows to make the lines go faster. Usually almost everyone you see at games is eating something from the concession, and this new stand makes the games more enjoyable to attend.


mn girl said...

hey katie!
i really liked your blog post on the new concession stands and the new bathrooms at the baseball park! I think that's great that they have all that new and improved stuff because the old concession stands you described sounded really nasty. Good job!

ryan said...

hey, i agree about the concession stands, when ever i play at those fields i used to always try to go to the bathroom before the games at home and stuff cause it was just nasty. i wouldn't have thought to write about the stands, nice thought.